Model Making

I hope you find the models as magical as I do!

My model making skills came through while doing my degree in ‘Production design’ for film, theatre and film.  After doing many ‘set’ models, I became interested in doing model farm houses.  As the daughter of a farmer’s daughter and the wife of a farmer now I get a lot of inspiration from the landscape around me.

I make the houses from board, balsa wood and clay.  Most are done in approximate scale 1:32. I have some ready made for sale and I can do them to order.

I hope you find them as magical as I do! They could be for the ‘little people’!















Size & Cost

Each of the models are different in size and complexity, and I will work with you to create exactly the piece you’re looking for. Costs will vary as a result. 

Contact me for more details

Phone or email me to talk about any model that you would like made, my personalised birth detail paintings, or any of the commissioned paintings that I create.

Phone: +353 (0)87 276 8772